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Profanities July 15, 2009

Filed under: Poems,Writing Prompts + — Christopher P. DeLorenzo @ 12:09 am

This writing prompt asks you to begin with a five minute free write list: come up with as many swear words as you can. The words people come up with are a blast to listen to, especially the compound swear words! If you do this in a group, ask everyone to choose four of them, and then read around your choices, one a time, going around to everyone four times. I had a lot of combos that involved the word fuck. The poem below is the result. (Also see Kim Addonizio’s poem “Fuck” from her collection, what is this thing called love–WW Norton, 2004).


Fuck Spring

no, really
Fuck Spring.
Fuck Easter with its little newborn chicks
and pastel bunnies
and baskets of foil wrapped chocolates
and multi-colored jellybeans
that all taste the same

And fuck all of the blossoming trees:
pink, pale plum against purple black branches,
and white apple blossoms,
Japanese cherry puffs
wet, white magnolia
and the Hawthorne trees
blossoming so sweet
on a warm evening
you could drink it.

Fuck the birds
singing and mating
and building intricate nests
and bees
drunk on nectar
orange pollen covering
their black legs
and butterflies mating in mid-air?
Fuck all of you!

Stop filling lush, grassy fields with
yellow mustard flower
stop bursting forth from bulbs:
tulips, lilies, freesia
Fuck off lilacs!

Stop reminding me about
the relentless, unstoppable, supernatural
cycle of death and rebirth
stop trying to pull me
out of this sadness
stop making me think
about falling in love again.


2 Responses to “Profanities”

  1. Fuck – this is just such a wonderful poem, it made me laugh and it made me sad.

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