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Sex is Such a Bore April 19, 2013

Filed under: Poems,Writing Prompts + — Christopher P. DeLorenzo @ 6:13 pm

This week’s post is a bit non-traditional. I’m usually humble about my accomplishments, but I thought the good news that I recently had a poem accepted for publication in the literary magazine BlueStem might inspire you all to submit your work. 

The poem will appear in the June issue on-line, along with an audio-file, but I’m sharing it here with you for your enjoyment.

The prompts this time were:IMG_1325

I’d rather be baking                                                 

Sex is such a boring topic

Done talking


The resulting poem is below.


Sex is such a boring topic

lap dances and push-up bras

porno tapes and sex clubs

saunas and leather chaps.



I’m more interested in creating

that frittata, baking cornbread

with buttermilk, finding a recipe

for the garam masala.


I don’t care who’s having an orgasm


if anyone has ejaculated

this morning

or if there’s a drop of Eros

left in the tube.


Keep your handcuffs, your jockstrap

your butt plug

I’m perfecting a Devil’s Food cake

a vanilla rose frosting

I’m considering homemade lasagna.


Let someone else wear the French

maid’s costume, the thigh high boots,

the crotchless panties;

by all means, enjoy the rubber sheets.

Take my place in the sling.


I’m trying to master the biscuit,

the lemon bar trifle,

the blackened sea bass.


I want to roast the broccoli,

blanch the asparagus, ice

the orange pound cake.

I want to candy my own rose petals.

I want to fill you up with all of this.

I never want to stop.








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