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About Christopher P. DeLorenzo July 12, 2009

Christopher P. DeLorenzo is a writer, baker, and a writing teacher living in San Francisco, CA.

To order a copy of his memoir cookbook, Kitchen Inheritance, click here.

To learn about his writing workshops and international retreats, check out this link to Laguna Writers.

To learn about his cakes, or to hire him for an event, check out DeLorenzo Desserts.



4 Responses to “About Christopher P. DeLorenzo”

  1. Sue Says:

    Hi Chris! You and I both attended the AWA workshop to certify facilitators back in 2002 with Pat Schneider and Patricia Lee Lewis.

    Your website came up on my google alert for “writing prompts” – nice to see you here! Sounds like you’re doing terrific work.

    I am continuing the work too. Went back to university & took psychology – really interested on all the work on therapeutic writing – and I’ve been working with various populations: incarcerated women, palliative care, sexually assaulted women.

    Take care.



  2. Lori Davis Says:

    Hi Chris! Just wondering if you ever give online workshops or writing groups. I’m down in Laguna Beach. Thanks so much!

    • Hi, Lori. I haven’t offered workshops or groups on-line yet. I’m open to the idea. Feel free to write to me directly or call me if you have some ideas about this, or others who might be interested. Thanks! (415-206-9771)

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